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Woman Who Was Bullied For Having Bad Teeth, Now Has A Beautiful Smile.

A woman had no idea that a casual photo taken of her while she was celebrating her friend’s big day would not only go viral but also cause her to face brutal attacks by thousands of online trolls and bullies.

Jessica McDaniels had never had it easy and it was all because of her smile. As a child, she was constantly bullied due to the arrangement of her teeth. She thought she was over this as an adult but one photo changed everything.

Jessica was standing in the background with a happy smile as she watched her friend being proposed to. She was helping her capture this sweet moment on camera and had no idea that someone took her photo.

Before long, the picture hit the internet and suddenly, Jessica was on the receiving end of some really mean words. What even made it worse was that this photo was taking away from her friend’s memorable moment.

Jessica was no stranger to the teasing as she had experienced this for most of her life. She could not afford the oral surgery to fix the problem even though that was what she wanted most in the world.

An old schoolmate found out about the bullying and decided to do something even though the two were never really close in school at the time.

Krystal Starks launched a GoFundMe page for her old high school mate to help raise money for the oral surgery. They have succeeded in raising almost $10,000 but one doctor decided to step in.

An oral surgeon, Dr Maryann Udy offered to fix Jessica’s smile free of charge. The surgery, which had to be done in stages, was very successful. Jessica was so surprised and happy with the transformation.

Photo Credit: St Louis Post Dispatch

Just taking a look at her picture, one can see how much happier she feels and looks.


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