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Superhero Dad Saves His Children with The Most Fast Response

IrishMirror reports: A man with incredible reflexes saved the life of two young children after they were almost mown down by an out-of-control car.(Video below article)

The man appeared to be fixing his motorbike in the footage, while the two children played together behind him.

Occasionally, the man glanced over his shoulder to check on the children but appeared to be engrossed in his repair work.

But moments later, he suddenly jumped up and raced over to the two kids.

Frabbing them with both his arms he then rolled backwards at the exact moment an out-of-control car comes crashing into the workshop.

The dramatic footage shows the children just inches away from the car as it smashes past them.

Luckily, they appear to be unharmed after the crash . It is not clear whether the driver of the car was injured.

A caption alongside the dramatic video claims the incident took place at moped repair shop in Jambi, Indonesia.

Watch the full video by ViralHog below:

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