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Cleveland woman heartbroken after father’s ashes stolen from home in burglary

“CLEVELAND – Wiping tears from her eyes, a breast cancer survivor is now in a battle she never envisioned: trying to find her father’s stolen cremated remains.

“I’ve looked around the neighborhood I’ve looked in garbage cans,” said Yolanda Ware. “It’s humiliating because all I’ve ever wanted to do was get my father home.”

Ware tells Fox 8 her father, Jesse Ware, was a Vietnam Veteran and Purple Heart recipient. She has not stopped searching for her father’s remains since Sunday afternoon, shortly after her home on Portage was burglarized.

Ware says a television, shoes, including a pair of Army fatigue gray and silver Jordans, were taken but she can’t put a price on her father’s remains and is pleading with the burglar to return him home.

“If ya’ll don’t do nothing but drop him off on the porch I’m okay with that,” said a tearful Ware. “I ain’t never got to see you. I ain’t got to talk to you. Just bring him back if you can.”

Ware says Cleveland Police located her missing television in a nearby backyard, apparently abandoned by whoever broke in.

Ware’s father died in Alabama at the end of August. She made the 10-hour drive to receive his remains in person.

She tells Fox 8 she recently purchased her home planning to move her father in, so she could better care for him before his death.

Ware says she can’t imagine why someone would be so cruel and steal something so precious.” FOX8 News Reports. Watch the video below:

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