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Motorcycle Club Rallies Around Black Boy Targeted By Hate Crimes

Back in 2016 CBS Boston Local news reported a viral news that is still being seen as one of the best fights against hate crimes. This is the full reportage:

“DERRY, NH (CBS) – Earlier this month we brought you the story of a New Hampshire boy who was targeted because of the color of his skin. On Thursday, some special people were rallying around the child, healing the hate with love, and some fun.(Video below article)

Horns were honking and engines roaring as seven year old Eze headed for 20 bikers waiting outside his school in Derry. Even though he doesn’t know any of them, their kindness means everything. “The best part of today is riding a motorcycle,” Eze says.

Police say Eze, who is biracial, was targeted by a series of hate crimes recently. First a racial slur was scratched on his mother’s car, and then another on a saw horse tossed into the yard, and the third when fried chicken and watermelon were thrown onto the car.

One of their neighbors is in the Manchester Motorcycle Club. He was horrified when he heard what happened. “Nothing’s ever happened on our road like that and it’s just wrong, and I don’t like it,” says Steve Vachon.

The club decided to let the family know they were not alone. So today they made Eze an honorary club member. “We just want to share something with the kid, that he has people who care about him,” Vachon says.

They also gave him a helmet, a jacket of his own and the ride of a lifetime. “It means a lot because I’ve never been part of a big, giant club,” Eze says.

“I think it means the world to him. He knows the town supports him and no one hates him, and that he can walk with pride and he doesn’t have to be scared,” says Jaci Stimson, Eze’s mother.

And after all the excitement, the youngster has one thought. “When I grow up I’m going to get a motorcycle,” he says.” Watch the video below and please share:

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