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See this amazing rare bread of chicken which is totally black, inside and out!

We are undeniably so fan of chickens! Adults and kids will definitely choose chicken as one of the most favorite food. The most prominent dish is having it fried, right? But what you’re mom prepare a totally different one from the usual chicken we know, would you still eat it?

Get ready to see the most awesome chicken ever. This rare breed is completely black, from head to toe. There are a lot of rumors and misconceptions about this chicken. But once you learn about it, you’ll definitely want to share this with your friends.

This is the Ayam Cemani Chicken. It is a rare breed of chicken from Indonesia. It’s an all-black bird indigenous to Indonesia, is the most sought-after chicken on the market right now, but not for its taste. In fact, no one would dare eat these Sith Lord birds.

Ayam translates as “chicken” in Indonesian, Cemani is Javanese for “completely black.” (a)

According to Greenfire Farms owner Paul Bradshaw, who breeds Ayam Cemani in Florida, Ayam Cemani is “the ‘it’ chicken right now,” due to its inky aesthetic: its internal organs and muscles are entirely black—which means its heart is, by extension, black. Only its cream-colored eggs and blood are not black.

“The source of all this blackness is a gene mutation that emerged in Asia centuries ago and eventually made its way to Europe,” Bradshaw told Gizmodo. “The mutation produces about ten times as much melanin as you’ll find in a normal chicken.”

Even its chicks are goth, which is very on-brand and frankly, adorable.

In addition to being a biological wonder, the Ayam Cemani has long been regarded as a sp1ritual creature. Centuries ago on the Indonesian Island of Java, the birds were kept by elites or used in rituals, but never eaten; their unique coloring was thought to be a sign of their otherworldliness.

“There’s also a palpable magical component to the impression the chicken makes,” Bradshaw said.

In bright sunlight, the black is iridescent with greens and purples. The effect is riveting. You can understand why native Indonesians attribute mystical power to these birds.”

Just one of these chickens costs between $1999 ( roughly 103,000 pesos) and $2500 (estimated at 130,000 pesos). An egg of Ayam will cost you roughly 20,000 pesos if you like to pet one.

What can you say about this rare breed of chicken? Were you fascinated after finding out that there species of completely black chicken? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!

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