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Model with incredible thick eyebrows speaks out on body positivity!

Even though she was mocked for her prominent eyebrows, the model shrugged off the negative comments and went on to challenge beauty standards instead.(Video below article)

Sophia Hadjipanteli, 22, is a stunning Instagram model well known for her extravagant looks and her take on certain stereotypes.

Born to a Greek Cypriot father and British mother, Sophia grew up in Maryland and was bullied by her peers.

Despite being frequently mocked for her unibrow, she refused to tweeze or wax her brows, opting instead to make a stand against the beauty standards forced upon her, and start the #Unibrowmovement.

“Whenever people ask me about my #unibrowmovement, which is on social media, they say, ‘What inspired it?’ It was inspired by my preferences. I personally really did not want to pluck my eyebrows, because I just really liked the way I looked without doing so – it wasn’t initially me rebelling against anyone,” she said as quoted by The Express Tribune.

Sophia now intends to use her career as a model to promote “body-positive and beauty activism,” the newspaper added.

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