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Man pranks his guest with a giant snake in dishware!

The video you are about to see is the best of it’s kind, natural and home-made.

I am pretty bored by all the videos on Youtube and Facebook, that show some staged pranks, and to be honest, they are getting very pathetic.

The following video was shared in all the big media pages on Facebook, but if you haven’t seen it, you are probably going to love it.

It starts with some men sitting around in a room, and it seems like some of them are guests, and they have the brilliant idea to scare their guest in the best way possible (I would definitely be scared as well).

It seems like he is waiting for his dinner, and the joy on his face when they bring it, does not last much though.

As soon as they bring the dishware, a giant snake is uncovered, and the scene is as funny as it gets.

But enough talking, let’s watch together the best video prank in my opinion. Watch it below, and please share and tag your friends!

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