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Man imitates different animal noises in the best way possible.

Is it a bird? No, it’s William Jafta

William Jafta, affectionately referred to as the ‘Animal Sound Man’, has become a social media sensation with his lifelike impersonations of various animals. William joined us in studio for a chat and a demonstration. Watch the video below article.

In this video William tells us a bit about his life story. He can often be found performing in Greenmarket Square, as well as on trains around Cape Town. The money he raises goes towards finding food and shelter for Cape Town’s street kids – a cause close to his heart.

An article on pri magazine described him this way: “This street performer in Cape Town is basically the Mozart of animal sounds”

“You can find videos scattered around YouTube that show Jafta performing around Cape Town in squares and on trains. He’s totally amazing.

So why animal impressions?

You might have guessed: Jafta’s not just doing it for fun. As he explained in a video last summer for the Daily Sun, South Africa’s largest daily newspaper, he started busking because he was unemployed and needed the money to support his family.

Today brought us this most recent video of Jafta’s virtuosic mimicry. That’s great. But it also brought news that South Africa’s unemployment rate has hit a 10-year high of 26.4 percent. So enjoy Jafta’s cats, horses, and roosters. But don’t forget what’s putting him out in the square.”

Watch the full video below and also his interview:

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