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Man Builds DIY ‘Hidden Pool’ In His Backyard That Disappears.

His name is Gil Klar, a DIY Youtuber which describes himself as a DIY freak: “I am a DIY freak, woodworking and electronics enthusiast and engineer.
I try to post interesting videos of my projects, preferably with “how to” footage.”

His channel is filled with a lot of how-to videos, and he seems to be pretty good at this.

A video of his that went viral, is one of the most amazing things I have seen in my life. His big project, was a Hidden Pool, that disappears under a grass-covered top when not in use.

The video went viral pretty quick all over the internet, and you may see why.

Israel-based engineer Gil Klar wanted a pool in his backyard, but his wife wanted to keep the yard as a play area. As a compromise, in 2013 Klar built himself a “hidden pool,” complete with a retractable, synthetic grass-covered top that allows the pool area to double as an ordinary lawn. This making-of video depicts the entire build process.

Watch the videos below, and you can see the whole process and also the finished work.

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