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Video Shows Huge 7ft Wolf Chasing A Dog In The Woods

Ritely reports: “In a chilling footage in the forests of northern America, a man captures a giant wolf-like black beast attacking a dog barking at it. This made local folks reminisce an ancient myth about a mysterious creature existing around the darker parts of the American forest. (VIDEO BELOW ARTICLE) …

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Cat Caught in Garage Door Saved by Deputy

They say that curiosity was what killed the cat, but for one kitty in Louisiana, the culprit was very nearly an unwise nap location! At least, that’s what it appeared to be to anyone who saw poor Bella, lodged in a tight spot, in need of serious help. It’s likely …

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Jet Ski explodes while riding, 2 people injured (VIDEO)

Victims with severe injuries are in intensive care. (VIDEO BELOW ARTICLE) In the Russian region of Kabardinka explosion of the rented watercraft, suffered a man with a child. The incident occurred on August 29 at a time when tourists riding, posing in front of the camera. The footage, which had …

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