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Drug Deal on Live TV

Did that just happen ?! The latest viral mystery making some news today is an apparent drug deal taking place behind a Fox 25 news reporter in Worcester, Massachusetts. In the video, two men are seen meeting in the background and engaging in some sort of transaction before fleeing the …

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Video shows Nicki Minaj Before She Was Famous – 18 Years Old – Acting In ‘New York High’ Documentary!

Nicki Minaj’s stunning “assets” have never gone unnoticed. Her flawless skin, impeccable curves, and round derrière have often turned heads and made boys drool. As a matter of fact, Nicki has garnered quite reputation for her infamous “Anaconda.” But, apparently, Nicki hasn’t always had the jaw-dropping shape she’s now known …

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Vines that will never die.

When Instagram first launched its latest update to include video sharing, many pundits were ready to call Vine, a video sharing app predating Instagram’s video app, as good as dead. Almost two weeks after the update, the news for Vine was not much better as links sharing Vine content decreased …

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