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Stop Saying “It Depends” And Give Better Answers

Success in digital marketing often depends on a number of factors, so it can be difficult to give clients definitive answers to their questions. But columnist Matt Umbro believes we can do better — here’s how.

If you’ve worked in the client’s vertical before, explain what you’ve seen and what factors influenced CTR. You may say that a 1.5 percent CTR in this vertical is reasonable due to high competition.

You might further add that unless the client is willing to pay the high cost-per-click (CPC) to be in the first three positions, CTR will be less. You may even provide the average CPCs of the targeted keywords. With this answer, you are providing a concrete number while also clearly explaining contributing factors.

Even if you haven’t worked in the client’s vertical, you can still speak to your experience. Point to the paid search trends you see on a daily basis in other accounts and share this information.

Don’t forget that you are being asked these questions because you are the perceived expert. Don’t underestimate your experience, as it will help guide your responses.

Set Thresholds

We may not always be able to give a definitive response, but we can say what the answer IS NOT. Using our example, we can say that a CTR under one percent isn’t good, while one over three percent is excellent.

You may deem setting thresholds as a partial answer, but it does give the person asking the question a range to aim for.

As another example, recently a colleague asked me how much of my time was spent managing client accounts vs. client communication. I answered that no individual client took up any more than 30 percent of my time with communication.

By giving a firm threshold, my colleague clearly knows what I deem to be the appropriate breakout. This answer gives her something to think about as she determines her own ratio of client management to communication.

Segment The Question

One of the main reasons for giving an “it depends” answer is that the question is too vague to possibly answer with a one-size-fits-all response. Thus, it’s necessary to break the question into parts and give separate answers.

Let’s say that the client asking about CTR sells furniture. Along with standard text ads, this merchant most likely runs Google Shopping and remarketing ads. Our answer can be split up into reasonable expected CTRs for each unit.

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